Tube and shell graphite heat exchanger

  1.  Tube and shell graphite heat exchanger

Scope of application

Compared with the round hole type graphite heat exchanger, the tubular graphite heat exchanger has larger flux and lower fluid resistance, and can be made into a larger specification graphite heat exchanger.

Tube and shell graphite heat exchanger is mainly used for heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and absorption of materials, can withstand most organic or inorganic media, and is especially suitable for phosphoric acid concentration.

The single-tube seal can eliminate the stress caused by expansion, and each tube is independently drawn out and replaced, which is convenient for later maintenance.


2. Performance characteristics

· High heat transfer efficiency

· Low flow resistance

· Not easy to scale

· Single tube can be replaced for easy maintenance

· Large heat exchange area can be manufactured

· The price is superior to the block hole type

· Wear-resistant treatment


3. Technical characteristics

Design pressure: 0.4MPa

Working tempreture: 180°C

Medium: Corrosive materials, Water/steam/corrosive materials

Heat exchange area: 1~1500m2

Aperture: Φ50/Φ36 Φ37/Φ25 Φ32/Φ22

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