Rectangular block graphite heat exchanger

1. Scope of application


Mainly used in pesticides, medicines or working conditions where there is a risk of cross-contamination of materials. Through in-depth understanding of user working conditions combined with our years of design experience, through design and appropriate material selection, we can ensure that we can provide you with better graphite heat exchange Device.

Mainly used for heating or cooling materials and heat recovery.


2. Performance characteristics


· Modular products and spare parts service

· Multi-process design possible

· Easy to operate and maintain

· Small footprint

· Good thermal shock, strong and durable

Corrosive materials can be passed through the process side of the service side

· Can be customized according to customer requirements


3. Technical characteristics


Design pressure: -0.1~0.6MPa

Working tempreture: 200°C

Medium: Water/steam/corrosive materials

Heat exchange area: 1~800m2

Aperture: Φ10 Φ12 Φ16 Φ18 Φ20 or greater

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