Zibo The King Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, with developed industry and transportation. The plant area is 100,000m2. The plant is clean and bright, and the warehouse is spacious and tidy. There are more than 300 employees, including more than 50 senior and intermediate professional and technical personnel. From design, development, All manufacturing is realized by network management.

Since the establishment of the company, in line with the enterprise tenet of "people-oriented internal, scientific management; external customer needs as the center, unlimited service", the company philosophy of "win-win with integrity, return to society" has been pursued. Developed into a well-known mechanical processing and pressure vessel equipment manufacturing enterprise.   

The company has the qualifications for the manufacture of one, two, and three pressure vessels. The design qualifications for the second-class pressure vessels and the complete manufacturing system and advanced testing methods can undertake the production and installation of A2 pressure vessels of various specifications. The pressure vessel products produced by the company have been widely used in chemical industry, medicine, building materials, ceramics, refractory materials, metallurgy and other industries. Products are all over the country.

The company has production units such as riveting, sintering, machining, heat treatment, and head pressing. It has more than 30 modern cutting, rolling and welding equipment such as American Hypertherm CNC flame plasma cutting machine, MZ-1000-1 automatic arc welding machine, 60×3200 plate bending machine, pipe bending machine, and more than 60 various AC and DC welding machines. Taiwan; with φ8000×16000 floor lathe, φ2500 vertical lathe; φ50×6000 lathe and floor boring machine, 1600×8000 CNC gantry milling machine, φ80 drilling machine, gear hobbing machine, planer, 2000T hydraulic press, 500T hydraulic press, 560 forging and rolling ring equipment, etc. More than 40 sets of processing equipment; more than 200 sets of head-pressing molds; the sintering workshop has more than 20 electronically controlled sintering furnaces, 3 automatic sanding machines, and 50-500000L glass-lined equipment; φ900×5000, φ650×5000, φ650×3600, well type electric furnace, 4000×2000×1400, 2000×1000×750, 1200×600×400, 600×300×250 box-type electric furnace, 4000×2500×5000 annealing furnace and surface quenching machine tool , 100T hydraulic straightening machine and other heat treatment equipment, and equipped with automatic constant temperature controller, X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, Leeb hardness tester and ultrasonic flaw detector and other testing and inspection equipment.

After several years of design and development, the main products produced by the company are: 50-100000L glass-lined reaction vessels, high-neck flanges for glass-lined, various types of heads, nozzle punching and accessories for glass-lined equipment, non-pressure vessels Standard reaction tank, non-standard reaction kettle, heat exchanger, condenser, tower, integral expansion joint.

Machinery manufacturing products mainly include: various types of mixing equipment, filtration equipment, conveying equipment, ball mills, rotary kilns, corundum granulating equipment and fine powder equipment, steel jade smelting equipment. Design and manufacture and various other non-standard equipment; various large-scale, special-shaped, complex non-standard workpiece processing; forging various national standard, non-standard flanges.

Zibo The King Machinery always adheres to the corporate philosophy of "honesty and win-win, return to society".

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