How to test the pH of a glass lined reactor


When we select the glass lined reactor, we need to test the pH, so that the overall use can be done in the later use process. During the test, which should be tested.

1. The customer should specify when ordering to configure the acidity meter, so that we can reserve an interface for installing the acidity meter on the glass lined reactor cover. This interface is generally made of a flat welding flange connection type; the acidity meter should be made The similar thermowell style can be directly inserted into the material in the kettle, and inserted as deep as possible into the material. The lower end has a pH probe; the choice of the pH probe of the pH meter: There are two kinds of domestic production and imported ones. There is a big price difference. Customers should inform us of the characteristics of the materials to choose a suitable cost-effective probe. The characteristics of the materials include: pH, reaction temperature, and strong viscosity. If it is a general material, choose a domestic line, if it is highly corrosive If the reaction temperature is high, the imported one should be selected. In addition, it has a certain relationship with the stirring type and speed.

2. Glass lined reactor pH meter pH indicator: Installed on the top of the pH meter, with a sensor connected to the probe at the bottom. Generally, the digital display should be selected, which can be clear at a glance. If you need to display on the control computer, you should choose to connect to the external The connecting terminal of the transmission line makes it easier to control. If special circumstances require customization, the supplier and the demander shall negotiate and determine.

   When we are testing the pH of the glass lined reactor, we need to make an overall selection according to the environment of use and the materials placed, and make good use of it.

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