How to prevent gas pockets in glass lined reactors


As we all know, the defects caused by gas pockets in the glass lined reactors we usually use are usually similar to impact damage. There are glass fragments, exposed or unexposed iron tire substrate. It occurs on the edge of the glass lined reactor or the baffle plate. It is formed by bubbles and can be caused by any of the following reasons:

   1. Gas is injected into the glass lined reactor blades.

  2. Stir the solvent at or near the boiling point.

  3. Stir at a lower liquid level, and the blades of the glass lined reactor are not completely covered.

  The air pocket phenomenon can be detected by a special rumble. The logical stop is to avoid low-level agitation during the stripping operation and to avoid injecting inert gas, such as nitrogen directly under the glass lined reactor.

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