Some matters needing attention in the transportation and storage of glass lined reactor


Although the glass lining of the glass lined reactor has a certain degree of resistance to mechanical impact, it is a brittle material after all, and the harsh working conditions do not allow it to have any small defects. Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the equipment, effective measures should be taken in the process of transportation and storage, and some matters should be paid attention to. details as follows:

   1. Matters needing attention during transportation of glass lined reactor

   (1). Reasonably choose hoisting positions. The glass lined equipment sold by our company in China is generally packed in bare packaging. When hoisting the equipment, only the supports, hooks or tanks can be stressed, and weak parts such as pipes and clips or the bottom of the package are not allowed to be stressed.

   (2) During the hoisting process, the glass lined reactor must not collide with other objects, and should be handled gently.

   (3) When the equipment is installed at the installation station, it should be hauled smoothly, and unstable force methods such as rolling and prying should not be used.

  2. Matters needing attention in the storage process of the glass lined reactor

   (1). If possible, the equipment is best stored indoors.

   (2) When the glass lined reactor is stored outdoors, it should be covered to avoid people knocking, sun and rain.

   (3) When storing in winter, pay special attention to check whether there is water in the tank and the thermometer sleeve to avoid damage due to freezing.

   (4). For reactors or polymerization kettles equipped with mechanical seals, the sealing parts should be protected and kept clean.

   To sum up, there are some precautions for the transportation and storage of glass lined reactors. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site.


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