Correct installation of glass lined reactor


The correct installation of the glass lined reactor and the scientific layout of the production workshop will be very convenient for future production and maintenance. Below we briefly introduce the correct installation position of the reactor:

   (1) For the glass lined reactor, a well-planned plant is particularly important for the normal operation of the equipment and the convenience of maintenance. This requires that the installation ground support of the equipment must be firm, stable and level. This is the prerequisite for the scientific installation of the reactor.

   (2) The majority of reactor users should pay attention to that, no matter what type of glass lined reactor you choose to buy, we recommend that you install the corresponding peripheral equipment so that you can provide enough space for maintenance and repair.

   (3) For the necessary process piping in the plant, the connection design principle of the piping should minimize the number of connections above the glass lined reactor vessel to prevent damage to the entire equipment due to damage to the piping connections.

Finally, for workshops where glass lined reactors or other glass lined stirring vessels are installed, the upper space must leave the necessary space height, so that the stirring shaft can be removed without affecting the glass lined stirring shaft or glass lined stirring paddle. If necessary, a low-top movable hatch can be provided in the workshop to facilitate the installation, repair and maintenance of the equipment.

   In short, the design of the glass lined reactor and other equipment installation workshops must be considered from the long-term macro perspectives such as maintainability, maintainability, replaceability, and scalability.

The glass lined storage tank is fired at a high temperature of about 900℃, and after cooling, special technology is used to bond the glass-lined and steel plate together. Since the linear expansion coefficient and elongation of the glass lined are smaller than that of the steel plate, the deformation of the glass lined after cooling is less than that of the steel plate, so the glass lined will be restrained by the steel plate and generate compressive stress.

       When the glass-lined storage tank is made, the enamel layer has pre-compression stress, while the steel plate has pre-tension stress. Since the prestress is related to the coefficient of linear expansion and elongation, and the coefficient of linear expansion and elongation are closely related to temperature, the working temperature of the glass-lined storage tank has a great influence on its use. If the stress generated by the enamel exceeds its service stress due to large temperature changes, the enamel will be destroyed. The function of the glass-lined storage tank is mainly to contain corrosive chemicals, such as various strong acids.

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